Welcome to my thoughts.

I decided to start this blog so I can organise my thoughts and maybe try to understand them. Writing down everything has always made me feel better and a little while ago I realised that there must be other people who feel the same way as me sometimes.

So, here’s my very first blog post. I’ve always kept my thoughts to myself and never really told anyone what goes on in my head, but now seems like a good time to start. It’s a new year and I’m feeling ready to finally be the best version of myself and to never say no to the opportunities that I am given.

I never thought that I would be brave enough to put everything online and it took me weeks to convince myself to do this, but here I am. I’ve decided to go by an alias (22fairylights) because it doesn’t matter what my name is or what I look like, I’m still me and my thoughts still remain the same.

Words always seem to just appear without much thought, but right now all my words are gone and I’m struggling to think of what to say. Hopefully blogging will get easier. Even though no one knows who I am, I am terrified to do this, but I know I will be annoyed at myself if I gave up now.

I intend for this blog to be something people can relate to. When I see a post on Instagram or Facebook etc that I can relate to, it give me a sense of hope. It helps me to feel like I’m never alone. I have a big group of friends who all have very strong personalities, but I have no real best friend that I can trust and I’m hoping that through this blog I can help people like me who don’t have someone they can talk to. I want to create a place where everyone can feel that bit of hope, a place where you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself.

If anyone ever wants someone to talk to please feel free to email me (fairy22lights@outlook.com)

Thanks for reading this first blog post,
22Fairy Lights xx